Hi there, I’m Mo 🙂

I am a product manager and consultant by trade, but I am multi-disciplinary by nature; I have an appreciation for all disciplines, from the sciences to the arts. 

I have an unending curiosity for understanding how the world works, the mechanics of life and what makes people tick. You can find some of my thoughts and observations in the thoughts page.

I embrace change, and I strive to work on forward-looking, innovative solutions to problems around the world. I find great contentment in seeing the world from new perspectives, and capturing the beauty of my experiences through writing and photography.

Areas of interest:

  • Innovation: I love building innovative products and systems that improve people’s lives, by marrying what’s possible with what the world needs. Due to my background, I tend to gravitate towards incubation and early-stage projects that require a combination of big-picture vision, technical understanding, and implementation strategy.
  • Aviation: I love flying aircraft and the ability to apply knowledge of aerospace, meteorology and critical thinking the real world. Flying and aviation is something I’d like to integrate more into my work in the future.
  • Equality: despite the illusions of choice, we are still born in an ecosystem where gross inequality exists, in both opportunity and well-being. My long term goal is to contribute in improving this, either directly or indirectly through funding from unrelated projects.

Personal values:

  • People; above and beyond my vocational interests; people and relationships are what I secretly cherish the most. I believe the most rewarding way to live life is to build meaningful connections with others, and help reduce the suffering of those who suffer more than you. Everything else is secondary.
  • Balance & integrity; the single ability that I seek to master the most is balance; to be ambitious, but not blinded by ambition; to be passionate, but not blinded by passion; to progress, but not at the expense of another’s progress; to not be swept away by life’s motions, but to be deliberate in choosing the games I wish to play, to change the games I care enough to change, and to ignore the games that do not cater for my values.

If any of this resonates with you, or you’d like to reach out, please do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.