BackPack is the nickname for a new side project. BackPack’s vision is to inspire people with the real travel stories of others. Backpack is currently in the build / MVP phase.



UnisPost provides students with a unique online pinboard where they can list student related products and services through one central network. Having gained several thousand of users within the first 3 months, the platform aimed to be the most popular and used student marketplace and advertising platform on the web, with one of the unique features being the ability to list a book using its ISBN number in just a matter of seconds. UnisPost is no longer under my ownership.

Sense InteraCtive Learning


Sense learning is an interactive 2d exploration based learning game / platform. I built the core application for the game using Javascript and the CraftJS framework.



eFlair Design was a freelance web development consultancy in the ‘web 1.0’ era. The consultancy served over 50 clients, the majority of which were individuals or small businesses. I decided to close down eFlair after deciding to focus on building own projects.